Sunday, April 6, 2014

The state of Arsenal in 2013/2014

This season marks the 10th Anniversary of the invincible year of Arsenal 2003/2004. It was the year I adopted Arsenal as my EPL team. Since then watching Arsenal every weekend, and often during midweek has been something I looked forward too. It doesn't matter if the team wins or looses, the experience has mostly been entertaining ones.

The other team I watch as much as Arsenal is Barcelona. I must admit I often fall asleep watching Barcelona though they plays really good football. However, they are so consistence you can't tell the difference match in match out, unless they are facing the two Madrid teams, on plays in the Champions League.

After watching Arsenal this morning for about 50 minutes, I ended up pressing the 30-minute skip button on my remote over and over again, hoping they would break zero. At the end, that never happen and they gave away 2 more goals. A team that could not change to adapt, without fighting spirit; a couch that almost never put in a sub before the hour mark, that has no idea to recover from a bad situation does not deserve any more attention.

For the rest of the season, I hope my childhood team will move on and win the league. Go Merseyside Red!